Mediation & Family Law Dispute Resolution

Online Divorce Mediation and Family Law Dispute Resolution


Peter Maatouk, the Principal of Maatouks Law Group is an Accredited Mediator as well as a Family Law Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

He has over 22 years of experience in the legal industry and can assist you with any type of legal matter or dispute.

Being a Family Law Dispute Resolution Practitioner, he is also able to provide clients with a Section 60I Certificate as required by law.



If your matter relates to children custody or children issues, then you must obtain a Section 60I Certificate prior to commencing any providing relating to children and custody in the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court.


The procedure involved in family law dispute resolution is as follows:

  1. A one-hour initial consultation with each party separately, in order to hear the issues from each party independently, explain the process in detail and assess the suitability of mediation.
  2. If mediation is suitable and all parties are willing, we arrange the mediation between all parties. Mediation sittings are generally booked in 3 hour blocks.  Mediations generally do not go for longer than three hours as people become tired and find it difficult to continue functioning constructively. If there are still issues to resolve, we set down another mediation session to explore remaining issues in dispute and attempt management and or resolution of the matter.
  3. If a party elects to decline involvement in a dispute resolution process we, as dispute resolution practitioners are required to issue a Section 60I Certificate to all parties. The Section 601 Certificate generally states the reason the mediation will not go ahead, and allows either party to pursue their legal options including, filing court documents. At the initial consultation, we explain the Section 60I Certificate in more detail and the process involved.
  4. If parties elect to proceed to mediation and all parties make a genuine effort in an attempt to manage or resolve the issues but fail, we would then issue a Section 60I Certificate saying so, and this allows each of the parties to go to Court for a determination.